Obermann Seminar

I directed a week-long seminar on logical atomism with Gregory Landini. The seminar, “The Philosophy of Logical Atomism: A Centenary Celebration”, celebrated the upcoming centenary of Bertrand Russell’s 1918 lectures on logical atomism. The University of Iowa’s Obermann Center for Advanced Studies funded and supported the seminar. The seminar was co-sponsored by the Bertrand Russell Society (Iowa Chapter). The participants, and some audience members are listed (and pictured!) below.

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Eric C. Banks (Wright State University)
Landon D. C. Elkind (University of Iowa, Director)
David Fisher (Indiana University)
Richard Fumerton (University of Iowa)
Sebastien Gandon (Blaise Pascal University)
Pieranna Garavaso (University of Minnesota – Morris)
Andrew Irvine (University of British Columbia)
Kevin C. Klement (University of Massachusetts – Amherst)
Gülberk Koç Maclean (Mount Royal University)
Anssi Korhonen (University of Helsinki)
Gregory Landini (University of Iowa, Director)
James Levine (Trinity College Dublin)
Bernard Linsky (University of Alberta)
David Charles McCarty (Indiana University)
Francesco Orilia (University of Macerata)
Katarina Perovic (University of Iowa)
Peter M. Simons (Trinity College Dublin)
David G. Stern (University of Iowa)
Russell Wahl (Idaho State University)