Areas of Expertise

Areas of Research Specialization

  • History of Philosophy (especially: history of analytic philosophy—nature of philosophical canons)
  • Metaphysics (esp. metametaphysics—modality—problem of universals—truthmakers)
  • Philosophy of Logic (esp. free logic—inclusive logic—logical monism and pluralism—type theory)
  • Philosophy of Math (esp. foundations—history and practice—nature of proof and computation)

Areas of Teaching Competence

  • Ancient Philosophy (including: Greek—Indian)
  • Ethics (inc. Ethics and Technology—Meta-Ethics—Social and Political Philosophy)
  • Symbolic Logic (inc. Mathematical—Modal—Non-Classical)
  • Informal Logic (inc. Decision Theory—Informal Logic)
  • Philosophy and Computers (inc. Nature of Computing—Philosophy of Computer Science)


  • 2013 BA with honors, Philosophy, George Washington University
    • BS, Mathematics, George Washington University