New with LibriVox: “Philosophical Essays” by Bertrand Russell

In case you want more listening opportunities during this pandemic, look no further than LibriVox, which hosts free public-domain audio books. As of April 2nd, another work that I recorded is out: Bertrand Russell’s 1910 Philosophical Essays, which includes numerous essays on pragmatism, monism, and ethics. The preface is also a treat, if only because it contains this snippet:

The death of William James, which occurred when the printing of this book was already far advanced, makes me wish to express, what in the course of controversial writings does not adequately appear, the profound respect and personal esteem which I felt for him, as did all who knew him, and my deep sense of the public and private loss occasioned by his death. For readers trained in philosophy, no such assurance was required; but for those unaccustomed to the tone of a subject in which agreement is necessarily rarer than esteem, it seemed desirable to record what to others would be a matter of course.

Enjoy this new recording! And if Russell works and my voice are still not wearisome to you, then there are 55 hours of free philosophy audio books for listening at your leisure and pleasure. Enjoy those, too!

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