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The art is by Dr. Renée Bolinger.

I am a Visiting Assistant Professor in Philosophy at the University of Iowa. I started in philosophy in junior high by reading Plato’s Republic on a road trip to Houston. I later took symbolic logic as a college freshman and fell in love with the subject. I committed shortly thereafter to the lifelong study of philosophy.

My current research centers on the nature of logic. I aim to characterize logic and its relationship to meta-logic using its history. This program thus engages with the history of analytic philosophy in which logical innovations were influential and part of its vitality, the philosophy of computing and computer-assisted proofs, and the ontological grounds of logic.

I specialize in history of analytic philosophy, philosophy of language, and philosophy of logic and mathematics.  In developing an answer to my unifying research question is What is logic?, I leverage the logic-first, logic-last framework for philosophical research known as logical atomism, whose paradigmatic form and practice is given by Whitehead and Russell’s 1910 Principia Mathematica. As a logical atomist, I philosophize with the term busting example that Principia set for us firmly in mind.

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