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The art is by Dr. Renée Bolinger.

I am a Visiting Assistant Professor in Philosophy at the University of Iowa, with specialties in history of philosophy, philosophy of language, and philosophy of logic and mathematics. I have also published on Indian philosophy and metaphysics, and have teaching concentrations in ethics, philosophy of computer science, and practical reasoning.

In true Texan fashion, I started in philosophy while in a car, reading Plato’s Republic on a road trip to Houston in junior high. I later took symbolic logic as a college freshman and fell in love with the subject.

To learn more about my teaching, research, professional activities, and current projects, you can click the preceding hyperlinks (or use the navigation menu at the margin of the page). You can also check out my philosophy outreach activities, like the Iowa Lyceum, the Iowa Chapter, LibriVox, and my blog. A link to my CV is included below.