About & CV


Photo credit to my dear wife, Jill. Jill is an attorney, so: spousal credit includes but is not limited to credit for this photo.

I am a Killam Postdoctoral Fellow in Philosophy at the University of Alberta. My research specialties are history of analytic philosophy, philosophy of language, and philosophy of logic and math. I have also research competencies in digital humanities, focusing on computational methods, in metaphilosophy, and in metaphysics.

In true Texan fashion, I started in philosophy while in a car, reading Plato’s Republic on a road trip to Houston in junior high. I later took symbolic logic as a college freshman and fell in love with the subject. One thing led to another, and in 2018, I got a PhD in Philosophy and an MS in Mathematics from the University of Iowa.

To learn more about my publications, teaching, research, professional activities, and current projects, you can click the preceding hyperlinks (or use the navigation menu at the margin of the page). You can also check out my philosophy outreach activities, like the Iowa Lyceum, the Iowa Chapter, LibriVox, and my blog. A link to my CV is included below.